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Youth and Educational Meeting Center
Encounter of history and the present


Welcome to the Educational Group Accommodation Ysselsteyn! If you are looking for a stay at a special location, you are at the right place!

We combine Limburgian hospitality, education and recreation in a special way. Our educational meeting centre is located in a forest area in the Peel region and forms a good base for many different activities. Our offers are mainly focused on groups. We can accommodate up to 77 guests in five wooden group accommodations. In addition, there is a dining room and there are various meeting and recreation rooms in the common building. Our educational team is happy to organise an appropriate program for every type of group.

One of the main activities in our broad educational programme is a visit to the German War Cemetery, which is directly located next to our meeting centre. On this 17 hectare plot, 87 war victims from the First World War and almost 32.000 war victims from the Second World War have been buried. They are silent witnesses of history, and their biographies tangibly illustrate the consequences that war and violence can have. A visit to the educational meeting centre Ysselsteyn is therefore an important experience for young people, but also a surprising and educational experience for adults.


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We are looking forward to putting organising an enjoyable and educational programme for you and your group.

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Our youth and educational meeting centre is suitable for (almost) every stay! It is located just outside the village of Ysselsteyn in the middle of the relaxing nature of the Limburg Peel. The sheltered location in this extensive area makes it possible to combine educational stays with leisure activities.

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from 12,00 €

Overnight stay


from 18,00 €

Overnight stay

  • 3 meals (+ 18 €)
  • Free WiFi on the grounds
  • Conference room


Please visit us!

We are looking forward to putting together a suitable program for you.