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Exploring the surroundings of Ysselsteyn by bike

Exploring the surroundings of Ysselsteyn by bike

Details of the offer:

  • Category: Excursion
  • Duration: approx. 3-5 hours
  • Suitable for youths from the age of 14

What would be a stay in the Netherlands without a bicycle tour? You can use the beutiful red bicycles (by Swedish manufacture Kronan) of the youth and educational meeting centre (rental for 12 euros per week) to go on a self-organised bike tour in the surrounding area. Selected routes take you through the picturesque countryside and villages, such as the village of Griendtsveen. Of course the bike tour combines games and fun! Interesting places and sights can be discovered as a treasure hunt. Focus and team spirit are required to stay on the right track!