German War Cemetery Ysselsteyn

Ysselsteyn  is the only German War Cemetery in the Netherlands.

It was constructed in 1946, not far from the town of Venray in the province of Limburg, by order of the Dutch government and covers a terrain of about 28 hectares. 87 war dead from the First World War and almost 32.000 war dead from the Second World War have found their final resting place here.

The vast majority of the war dead are German soldiers who had to fulfill their mandatory military service. But also members of the SS and war criminals, Dutch collaborators, supporters of the Wehrmacht from other nations as well as a number of civilians, including women and children, were buried in Ysselsteyn.

The war gravesite can be visited daily. It is also possible for disabled persons to visit the war gravesite. Guided tours are offered for groups. These tours cover the interesting and complex history of the site and provide an insight into the biographies of specific persons who were buried here.